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Red Bull RB8 - 'double-DRS' device 07 October 2012

While Lotus and Mercedes have been experimenting for some time with passive 'double-DRS' devices that have proved difficult in terms of on-track set-up, Red Bull have devised a very clever and simple system for the RB8. Believed to have been introduced in Singapore, but only noticed this weekend in Suzuka, Adrian Newey's new solution is activated by the movement of the flap when the DRS system is operated and has been spotted thanks to the bigger surface of bodywork used to fix the flap. When the hole (yellow highlight) opens, the air flows through the endplate to the beam wing, where it blows onto the central 15-cm section of the diffuser, which is free of aero limitations. The new device is believed to have helped the RB8 register faster top speeds in qualifying, without having to lower downforce levels elsewhere on the car.