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Mercedes F1 W04 - dual gearbox casing 26 May 2013

The main drawing shows the new building technique used by Mercedes this year that allows them to move their car's rear suspension pick-up points - normally attached directly to the gearbox casing - without having to change the gearbox itself and thus incur a penalty. Drawing inspiration from the Ferrari F2004 (inset), on which a carbon skin was attached to the titanium gearbox casing in order to increase stiffness, Mercedes have in effect built two casings. The inner one is the actual gearbox casing, made from titanium, while the outer one is made from carbon and serves as the attachment for the suspension pick-up points. Being able to move the pick-up points at will gives the team more flexibility in terms of rear suspension set-up as they bid to get the best out of Pirelli's 2013 tyres.