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McLaren MP4-29 - bodied rear suspension 13 February 2014

This drawing provides more detail of the previously-discussed rear suspension set-up on the new McLaren. After a miserable 2013 season, the team have come up with a highly interesting looking solution and one that has been cleared as legal by the FIA. To help prevent suspension components being designed as out-and-out aero devices, the rules require they have a maximum depth-height ratio of 3.5:1, be symmetrical and with a tolerance of 5 degrees. The incredibly big fairings on the MP4-29's toe link (1) and rear leg of the lower wishbone (2) have a ratio close to 1:1 and are symmetrical. These two elements help increase the mass flow out of the rear diffuser, working almost like a double beam wing, though the elements themselves will also create a degree of airflow blockage which could increase fuel consumption over a race distance. Such solutions are not totally new to McLaren: in 2007 (inset) the team bodied the toe link and rear leg of the wishbone. The main drawing also shows new aero devices (3) attached to the brake duct, aimed at increasing downforce, and a new 200mm-wide 'monkey seat' wing with two small winglets in the lower section.