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Marussia MR03 - heat-containing exhaust cover 19 July 2014

One of Mercedes' secret weapons this season is the fact that their complete exhaust system is encased in a heat-containing cover. This has two benefits. First and most important is that heat is energy, so containing the heat in the exhaust system makes the turbocharger work more efficiently. This means that more energy from the turbo can be used to improve the performance of the MGU-H. Secondly, the more heat that can be contained in the exhaust system, the less heat is radiated into other engine components, so less overall cooling is required. Via Marussia, to whom they supply engines, Ferrari are also working on this area. Since Bahrain the MR03 has used a small carbon cover to simulate the bodied Mercedes solution, but at the recent Silverstone test and in Germany the exhaust has also been wrapped in a heat-resistant material. This is shown in the smaller drawing, while in the large image the red arrows show the inner part of the exhaust casing (the outer part will be fitted when the car is finally assembled). Ferrari are expected to have a similar solution for their F14 T ready for Belgium.