Oscar Piastri's rookie season couldn't have gone much better, with Sprint success, podium finishes and plenty of plaudits coming his way in 2023. But there is more to a racer's life than just events on the track.

    We caught up with the McLaren driver to find out about his off-track bucket list, including meeting basketball legends and hopefully getting a chance to fly in a fighter jet...

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    F1.com: Are there any particular people or celebrities you want to meet?

    Oscar Piastri: Good question. I think meeting Michael Jordan or LeBron James would be very cool. I mean, I have met some very cool people this year already, which has been nice. But yeah, probably Michael Jordan. From racing, I’ve been lucky enough to meet quite a few cool people in motorsport as well, but Michael Jordan’s probably at the top of the list.

    MIAMI, FLORIDA - MAY 08: Basketball legend Michael Jordan walks in the Paddock prior to the F1
    Basketball legend Michael Jordan – seen here at the 2022 Miami Grand Prix – is top of the list of people Piastri wants to meet

    F1.com: Are there any sporting events that you want to attend but haven’t yet?

    OP: I would love to see an NBA game, I haven’t been yet. I would say I’ve been to quite a lot of other sporting events: I’ve been to The Ashes in Australia, I’ve been to Australian rules football games, and other motorsport events of course. But an NBA game is probably the next one to tick off the list. Maybe an NFL game as well potentially, those two.

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    F1.com: What about any experiences you want to have a go at – such as bungee jumping or anything wild like that?

    OP: I know a lot of racing drivers are adrenaline junkies. For me, racing is enough adrenaline! I don’t have any wild aspirations. I would probably go sky diving before bungee jumping if I’m honest. But it’s not something I’m in a rush to do. I’ve actually had an offer to go – I don’t think it was a fighter jet – but going into a fighter jet would be quite cool just so see how it compares. As long as I don’t throw up...

    DENVER, COLORADO - DECEMBER 14: Dorian Finney-Smith #28 of the Brooklyn Nets goes to the basket
    Piastri would love the chance to catch an NBA game in future

    F1.com: Are there any hobbies you want to take up but haven’t had the chance to yet? I suppose the off-season is your chance!

    OP: The off-season is my chance. I’ve played a bit of tennis in the last few years. Andrea [Stella], our Team Principal, loves tennis. I actually played with him in Brazil, which was nice, so maybe a bit of that. I’ve been saying since the start of the year I should probably take up golf since it’s basically McLaren’s second sport, or at least Zak [Brown] and Lando [Norris’s] second sport, so potentially that. I’m finding it quite hard to get into, if I’m honest, just because it takes a lot of time and frustration, as I’ve learned.

    F1.com: The Netflix Cup 2024 when that comes around?

    OP: Give it a few more years! But you never say never.

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    F1.com: Is there any skill you would like to perfect?

    OP: I mean driving would be a good one to perfect, it would help my life a lot! To be honest, cooking would be quite a cool one to be able to master. Although, it’s a double-edged sword because if you’re really good at cooking, everyone’s going to ask you to cook for them. I think the thing for me with cooking is that it’s not so much the willingness to learn or try and perfect it, it’s the time element of things. But it would be a very cool one to master.

    Formula 1 header template (17).png
    McLaren CEO Zak Brown and Lando Norris both enjoy their fair share of golf

    F1.com: Is there a language you would like to learn?

    OP: I can understand a bit of French from school and I can write/speak very small amounts of Japanese. Italian would be cool to learn; I spent two years with PREMA and have picked up about five words, so I spent my time well! But also, just with my last name being Italian, it would be quite cool. I’ve always found it quite a fun language to listen to.

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    F1.com: Are there any achievements or goals – anything like that – that you want to achieve away from the track?

    OP: Definitely not a marathon, no chance! That’s not for me. Maybe one day but that day is not anytime soon. There’s none really springing to mind if I’m honest. I guess just enjoying life and being happy in life is a good achievement to have, and whatever that encapsulates I guess.

    F1.com: You can’t argue against that!

    OP: Exactly. That is a very well said, media-trained answer!

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