F1 Fan Voice gives Formula 1 fanatics the chance to influence the direction of the sport we all love. Last month we asked for your thoughts on F1 feeder series Formula 2 and GP3, and on pre-season testing…

    F2 and GP3

    • 40% of you are interested in F2 – 17% are interested in GP3
    • 57% recognised the F2 Logo and 54% the GP3 Logo
    • 78% think F2 should get more coverage and 67% think GP3 should get more

    Pre-season testing

    46% are very interested in testing (ie rated their interest as 9 or 10 out of 10. Another 34% selected 7 or 8)

    The top 3 most important things when following testing are:

    • Technical analysis (62%)
    • Footage of cars on the track (47%)
    • Lap Times (46%)

    82% are more likely to watch F1 Testing if more content was shown on TV

    Top 3 things fans are most interested in seeing:

    • Technical review of each car during testing (70%)
    • Technical review of any rule change (68%)
    • A ‘friendly’ race at the end of Testing where drivers race in super cars or same type of car (37%)

    These findings have been fed back to various departments within Formula 1, to help shape their thinking about the future coverage of the sport.

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