We recommend using PUBLIC TRANSPORT to the circuit. We provide plenty of free parking around the Hungaroring. Journeys may take longer, as traffic jams can happen at any time. You can get to Gate 3 of Hungaroring by taking the HÉV (local train) from Örs vezér tér to Kerepes station from where we provide free shuttle bus service to the event.

    Public Transportation - HÉV (suburban train) Örs vezér tere - Kerepes HÉV station

    The H8 HÉV (suburban train) will run more frequently with more carriage during the weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) of the Formula 1 Aramco Magyar Nagydíj. In order to use the train you will need a travel card or a single ticket together with a 5 km extension ticket from Ilonatelep to Kerepes. The single ticket, the travel cards and the HÉV extension ticket for the return journey can be purchased in the official MÁV application or at any BKK ticket machine in Budapest.

    Free Volánbus service Kerepes HÉV station - Hungaroring Gate 3

    During the Formula 1 Aramco Magyar Nagydíj weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) free bus service is provided between Kerepes HÉV station and Hungaroring Gate 3 adjusted to the HÉV schedule.

    The official taxi partner of the Hungaroring for the Formula 1 Aramco Magyar Nagydíj 2022 is 6x6 Taxi.

    Official website: www.6x6taxi.hu

    Phone number: +36 1 666 6666