Lewis Hamilton will race with a brand-new helmet livery in 2017 - and he’s invited fans to come up with the design.

    “Do you want to design my racing helmet for the upcoming F1 season?” the Mercedes driver wrote on Instagram as he announced the competition.

    “I'm on the lookout for a dope new layout that evolves my current theme and features the candy apple red in my existing design. I'll be picking the design that I feel is the most stylish, inspiring, iconic and eye-catching.”

    The creator of the winning design will have the chance to meet Hamilton at one of this season’s races where the three-time world champion will present them with a full-size signed replica helmet.

    GALLERY: Lewis Hamilton's helmet history


    Formula One World
    When Hamilton broke into F1 racing in 2007 with McLaren, he was still using the bright yellow helmet design he'd used since karting. (© Sutton Images)

    Great Britain 2009

    Formula One World
    Hamilton gave his traditional look a patriotic twist for his home race at Silverstone in 2009. (© Sutton Images)

    Monaco 2010

    Formula One World
    Hamilton paid homage to Monaco's casinos in 2010 by adding a roulette wheel to his design. (© Sutton Images)

    India 2011

    2011 Indian Grand Prix -
    A huge Bob Marley fan, Hamilton paid tribute to the Jamaican musical icon with this design for the 2011 Indian Grand Prix. (© LAT Photographic)

    China 2012

    Formula One World
    Hamilton used several special helmet designs during his final season with McLaren in 2012, including this one which featured a traditional Chinese sailing vessel. (© Sutton Images)

    Great Britain 2012

    Formula One World
    Hamilton honoured both his British nationality and his Grenadian heritage with this sparkling Silvertstone special. (© Sutton Images)

    United States 2012

    Formula One World
    The stars and stripes featured prominently on Hamilton's helmet as he became the first driver to win at Austin's brand-new Circuit of The Americas in 2012. (© Sutton Images)

    Singapore 2012

    Formula One World
    For the 2012 race at Marina Bay, Hamilton added the lion head symbol of Singapore to the top of his helmet. (© Sutton Images)

    Brazil 2012

    Formula One World
    Hamilton wore a Samba-inspired helmet for the 2012 race in Sao Paulo - his final Grand Prix for McLaren. (© Sutton Images)

    Australia 2013

    Formula One World
    Hamilton's switch to Mercedes in 2013 brought a fresh new look to his yellow, blue, red and green design. (© Sutton Images)

    Monaco 2013

    2013 Monaco Grand Prix -
    Dog Roscoe and then-girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger featured on Lewis's elaborate Monaco helmet design in 2013. (© LAT Photographic)

    United States 2013

    Formula One World
    Hamilton paid tribute to another of his musical heroes at Austin in 2013, as Michael Jackson was immortalised on his lid. (© Sutton Images)

    Brazil 2013

    Formula One World
    An image of Sao Paulo's iconic Christ the Redeemer statue took pride of place on Hamilton's helmet at the 2013 Brazilian Grand Prix - one of several special designs he's used at the race. (© Sutton Images)


    Formula One World Championship, Formula One World
    In 2014, Hamilton made a major change to his basic helmet design, switching from yellow to white and 'candy apple' red. He later added stars to represent each of his world championship crowns. (© Sutton Images)

    Brazil 2016

    Formula One World Championship, Formula One World
    With the rules now restricting drivers to a single 'one-off' design per season, Hamilton chose last year's Brazilian Grand Prix to unleash this helmet. (© Sutton Images)