Toro Rosso have made multiple power unit component changes on Daniil Kvyat’s car for the remainder of the Chinese Grand Prix, with the Russian describing the changes as “precautionary”.

    “It was something they found between FP1 and FP2 and they wanted to change the engine,” said Kvyat, who finished Friday’s pair of sessions in P8 and P13 respectively.

    Kvyat’s STR14 was fitted with a new Honda engine, a new MGU-K, new MGU-H and a new Turbocharger – the second of each of those components used this season, so no penalty is incurred.

    “A tricky first day in China,” summarised Toyoharu Tanabe, Honda’s F1 Technical Director.

    “We spotted an irregularity on the data from Daniil’s car and decided to change the PU before FP2. Inevitably, this meant Daniil was unable to go out at the start of the session, but well done to the team for getting him back on track for the final 45 minutes. We will now send the original PU back to HRD-Sakura for further investigation and also we will analyse the data here at the track.”

    Despite a tough opening day, however, Toro Rosso look to have good pace in China, with the team quietly confident of being able to mix it towards the front of the midfield come qualifying and the race.

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