You can't be watching social media all the time, so let us help you catch up on some moments you may have missed over the Russian Grand Prix weekend...

    Banking on the Beatles

    Sebastian Vettel's love of the Fab Four is well documented, but we're not sure this was the safest way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their Abbey Road album's release...

    Zorro Rosso

    Alex Albon certainly swashbuckled his way through the Sochi field - fifth at the chequered flag after a pit-lane start. Heroic stuff!

    Schumacher Central

    That would be one way to describe the Sochi Autodrom - not one, not two, but a trio of the famous names in the house...

    Anthoine remembered

    The F2 and F3 titles may have been wrapped up in Sochi, but no one - especially his Renault compatriots - was forgetting the colleague they lost this season.

    Rugby racers

    With Spain not competing in the Rugby World Cup, we can only assume Carlos will be cheering for England with Lando...

    The old gags are the best

    He may not have had the easiest of comeback seasons, but Williams' Robert Kubica certainly hasn't lost his sense of humour.


    These two men know what it takes to return to top-level motorsport after life-changing injuries. Both legends in our book!

    Tunnel vision

    Is it just us, or didn't he used to be a little quicker through here? Belated birthday wishes Mika!

    Only a matter of time...

    ... before this lot find themselves on a TV talent show, surely.

    Don't try this at home...

    ... unless you like a serious pain in the neck.

    Bottas's Russian brew

    We're assured it was coffee, not vodka!

    Boys will be boys

    Sometimes you forget certain F1 rookies are still only teenagers. At other times it's endearingly obvious...

    Keep a lid on it

    Rules regarding mid-season changes to helmet designs meant Daniil Kvyat was unable to use this for his home race, nice as it is.

    History Hunt

    Sochi may only have been on the Formula 1 calendar since 2014, but the knowledge of its F1 fans goes a lot further back than that!

    Hello dolly

    Previously, Lewis has shared the Sochi cool-down room with a certain Russian President. This year's guest seemed slightly less animated.