The chances of seeing more overtaking in Sunday’s season-opening race in Australia have been given a boost with the introduction of a new DRS zone.

    In a designated DRS activation zone, a driver within one second of a rival car may activate his DRS. This alters the angle of the rear wing flap, reducing drag and thereby providing a temporary speed advantage.

    Traditionally, tracks have one or two DRS zones, but in a bid to further increase overtaking at a track where it is traditionally difficult, F1's governing body the FIA has created a third for the first time at Albert Park.

    The new zone begins on the exit of the quick Turn 12, with the aim of helping drivers carry speed on the run down to the tight Turn 13 right hander.

    If they fail to make a move stick there, it is hoped they will be closer into the next activation zone that follows the final two corners of the 16-turn circuit.