Free parking

    Hungaroring provides free parking possibilities around the Circuit at the designated areas shown on the map for spectators arriving by car.

    Super Gold Parking

    In case you have a Super Gold parking ticket, it is ONLY valid when PRINTED. If possible, please print it out in colour before placing it behind the windscreen to assist traffic control and speed up the access to the site.

    Bus parking

    Parking for buses is possible at the designated area shown on the map near the Main Gate / Gate 8.

    up to 20 passengers: Friday: 30 EUR, Saturday: 35 EUR, Sunday: 35 EUR, Weekend: 55 EUR 20 - 40 passengers: Friday: 35 EUR, Saturday: 50 EUR, Sunday: 50 EUR, Weekend: 90 EUR over 40 passengers Friday: 50 EUR, Saturday: 65 EUR, Sunday: 65 EUR, Weekend: 135 EUR