Both Renaults finished in the points in Suzuka, Daniel Ricciardo charging from P16 on the grid to P7 at the flag (later upgraded to P6 after Charles Leclerc’s post-race penalty) and Nico Hulkenberg taking P10. But the French marque’s fourth double points finish of the season could be in doubt after rivals Racing Point lodged a protest with the stewards after the race.

    The stewards summoned and heard from the team representatives of both teams and a representative of the FIA Technical Department regarding an alleged breach of the Sporting and Technical Regulations and the FIA International Sporting Code, relating to a ‘pre-set lap distance-dependent brake bias adjustment system’.

    It was determined that the protest was admissible, and as a result the FIA standard electronic control units and the steering wheels used by Ricciardo and Hulkenberg have been sealed and impounded in preparation for conducting a detailed analysis of those pieces.

    The FIA’s Technical Department representative will also conduct a detailed analysis of the hardware, software, and data associated with them and, when complete, provide a written report to Japanese stewards.

    Racing Point scored two points in Suzuka, with Sergio Perez classified in ninth, despite a late tangle with Pierre Gasly. Should Renault be excluded, Lance Stroll will also be elevated into the points.