Most teams will be introducing their first major technical update packages of the season at the next round in Spain. However, that doesn't mean there weren't some interesting changes to be spotted in Sochi last weekend...

    McLaren MCL32 - rear wing strakes

    For Sochi McLaren retained this rear wing endplate solution introduced in Bahrain. As you can see from the arrows, it is now incredibly complex, with the intricate layout of vertical strakes designed to improve the airflow in this area of the car and reduce the drag from the rear tyres.

    Force India VJM10 - barge boards,

    Force India VJM0 - barge board slots

    For Russia Force India modified the VJM10’s barge boards with a series of vertical slots (nine instead of the four seen previously). This year’s cars are a lot more sophisticated in this area than their predecessors, thanks to the 2017 regulations allowing far more freedom - the result being more powerful barge board designs.

    Williams FW40 - Russia

    Williams FW40 - slotted T-wing

    Williams debuted a new T-wing design in Russia. Instead of having two separate elements as before (inset, red arrows), it now has a single element on top of the engine cover’s shark fin. That element now has a slot in, meaning the T-wing now effectively has a main profile combined with a flap.

    Sauber C36 - Russia barge

    Sauber C36 - barge board teeth

    Sauber introduced these intricate little teeth to the lower section of the C36’s barge board in Russia, a solution not unlike that seen on the Mercedes since last year.