Porpoising was a term that first resurfaced in Formula 1 at pre-season testing, but it went on to dominate conversations throughout the first few races. While the sight of cars bouncing down the straights and also the terminology around the ‘bottoming out’ is now a familiar part of F1, the latest Technical Directives are less clear.

    Luckily, F1 technical expert Sam Collins is on hand to explain just what the FIA are up to, what it means for the teams, the timelines involved and whether we’ll see any more porpoising after the summer break. From the baseline figures the FIA will use, to which bits of the car they’ll be inspecting, Sam takes a deep dive into the world of porpoising and what could unfold during the second half of the season.

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    Hit play on the video above to have a listen to just what the situation is as the teams get set to race in Spa at the end of the summer break.