Every time you tune into Formula 1, you know it's time to get excited when you hear the familiar and high-energy notes of the official theme music – and when you see the opening titles featuring all the drivers looking suitably heroic and determined.

    That's when you know the action is about to start and it's time to put down your phone and pay attention as the drivers get ready to hit the track.

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    And in the video clip below you can go behind the scenes at the studio on the day the drivers filmed all those shots of them looking off into the middle distance before fixing their steely gaze directly into the camera.

    And it's not just the drivers – the team principals also get the same treatment, meaning a visit to make-up and then stepping in front of the camera.

    Hit play on the video to see just what goes into getting all those shots, which the F1 video team then edit into the final product you see on your TV screens each race weekend.

    Behind the scenes: F1 studio shoot
    Behind the scenes: F1 studio shoot

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