Payment and Re-cup

    All Hungaroring catering units offer the possibility to pay by credit card and cash.

    The one-time fee for the Re-Cup in the catering units is 600 Ft. The Re-Cup can be exchanged for a clean one at the counter or for a token which can be exchanged for another Re-Cup later.

    Prohibited items

    It is FORBIDDEN to bring the following items to the venue:

    • animals • objects and equipment particularly dangerous to public safety • any instruments capable of stabbing or cutting • authoritarian symbols • glass objects • drones • segway; bicycles; scooters; skateboards; electric or explosive motorcycles • pyrotechnics (incliding smokes) • laser devices • seating of any kind • coolers • rucksacks over 20 litres • parasols and • any other object that can be used as a weapon and/or that may endanger public safety.

    Food and beverage restrictions: maximum 0.5 litres of liquid (1 plastic bottle, can or flask) and 3 sandwiches or food equivalent to that, per person.

    Drinking water is available for consumption on the Hungaroring site.

    ZERO tolerance

    We will not tolerate any kind of abuse, harassment or dangerous behaviour! If you experience the above issues, contact our volunteers, security or the on-site police!