Mobile radio F1 cars are louder than you think. The sound makes it almost impossible to hear the public announcement during the race. Basically, I think you'll be watching the race from the same position, so if you can't hear the public announcement, you can't understand the race at all... If you have a portable radio in such a case, you can listen to the on-site announcements clearly, so you can enjoy the race even more! Some people may ask, "Is a smartphone radio app useless?", but during the Japanese GP, many people gather around the circuit, so it is often difficult for smartphones to receive radio waves. With that in mind, I still recommend analog radios. The cheapest ones are around 1000 yen, so be sure to check them out before going to the Japan GP.

    Favorite team wear If you have a favorite team or driver, we recommend wearing team wear! Formula 1 drivers have better eyes than you might imagine, and they are very observant of the spectators in their seats. Especially when I'm wearing minor team wear, the driver will find me and wave to me. At the time of track walks and parade runs, please wear team uniforms so that drivers can find you! Merchandise for each team is also sold at the circuit shop, but it will be crowded anyway, so if you already know what you want, it will be easier if you purchase it in advance from the online shop.