BEYOND THE GRID: Mick Doohan on being a five-time World Champion and how F1 compares to racing on two wheels


From 1994 to 1998, Mick Doohan managed to transcend motorbike racing as he won the 500cc World Championship a staggering five years in a row. He is this week’s Beyond The Grid guest as he tells his remarkable story to host Tom Clarkson.

Like Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen in modern Formula 1 times, Doohan was often invincible on the racetrack and dominated his class.

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But alongside his prowess in motorbike racing, the Australian also knows Formula 1 inside out. He’s spent more than 30 years in the paddock and, with son Jack currently looking to climb from F2 into F1, he’s still ever-present today.

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Speaking to Clarkson, Doohan discusses how his winning mentality compares to some of F1’s greatest champions. He also talks about his very close friendship with the great Michael Schumacher as well as what it was like to test a Williams car in 1998.

He goes on to talk about the obstacles Jack faces today, how two wheels compares to four, and much more.

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To listen to Doohan’s Beyond The Grid interview hit go on the player above or head here to catch it on your preferred platform.


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