Brundle backs ‘competitive animal’ Newey to stay in F1 as he pinpoints what potential next team must have


Former Formula 1 driver turned pundit Martin Brundle is fully expecting star designer Adrian Newey to join another team following his exit from Red Bull, saying he would be “amazed” if such a scenario does not unfold.

Newey recently made headlines with the announcement that he is to leave the Milton Keynes squad in the first quarter of 2025, having played a key role in the team’s 13 world titles over the last two decades.

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Given an enviable track record that also includes success with McLaren and Williams, Newey is being linked with a host of outfits up and down the grid, and the 65-year-old himself has admitted he will “probably go again” after a break.

In an appearance on the Beyond The Grid podcast, Brundle assessed the seismic development and discussed whether or not he feels Newey will add another chapter to his illustrious F1 career – pointing to some major rule changes on the horizon.

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“I think he will,” said the Sky Sports F1 commentator and analyst. “He’s a competitive animal. I think he’ll get a little bit bored. The 2026 regulations have got Adrian written all over them.

“That’s not to downplay all the other people, like [Red Bull Technical Director] Pierre Wache, and there’s a lot of very clever people there. It’s wrong to say one person can make the difference, but I’ll guarantee that along the way Adrian just tipped a couple of things and came up with some ideas that made the difference.

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“[It’s] just the experience, the nous and the feel for what you need, so I would be surprised if down the road he doesn’t have some kind of affiliation with a Formula 1 team. I’d be amazed, in fact.”

One of the teams Newey has been linked to in recent weeks is Ferrari, with their future driver Lewis Hamilton stating that it would be “privilege” to work alongside his fellow Briton in the coming years.

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Asked about that prospect, Brundle added: “You’ve got to have a lot of money and a lot of resource, otherwise there’s no point having Adrian Newey. If you sit him in the office but you don’t have the goods around him and the funds to use his ideas, then there’s no point.

“All the teams are like, ‘No, we’re happy as we are, thank you very much’. A, because they might not get him. And B, because they don’t want to upset the team they’ve already got in place.

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“Clearly, Mercedes, Aston Martin, McLaren, Ferrari will be looking and trying to get him somehow. It’s a double-edged sword, because if you can get Adrian’s experience and skills, then you’ve got him and somebody else doesn’t have him. So, they’ll all be trying like crazy. If they’re not, then they should be.”

On the whole, Newey-designed cars have won 12 constructors’ titles and 13 drivers’ titles over the years, with Red Bull pushing for what would be a third successive championship double in 2024.


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