F1 Manager 2022 available to pre-purchase and play now


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Budding Team Principals can purchase F1 Manager 2022 right now for early access to the brand-new game that lets you take control of any of the 10 teams on the 2022 Formula 1 grid.

F1 Manager 2022 officially releases on August 30 on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S|X, Epic Games and Steam platforms – but if you pre-purchase it you can get access five days early.

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Frontier Developments' simulation lets you control almost every aspect of your chosen squad. Hire and fire engineers, scout drivers, build and develop your car and see if you can guide any of the 10 teams and 20 drivers to championship glory.

When it comes to the race weekend, jump in and watch how the action unfolds with a faithful broadcast-style recreation of all 22 Grands Prix on the 2022 calendar. Craft your perfect strategy and micromanage your drivers from lights out to the chequered flag.

Head here to pre-purchase F1 Manager 2022 and play it now.

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What's F1 Manager 2022 like to play?

Samarth Kanal, Staff Writer: It's not only the granular attention to detail that strikes me about F1 Manager 2022, but the fact that the game offers immense replayability.

Choose a squad such as Williams and you'll face a serious challenge when it comes to scoring points and developing your car around major dilemmas: how do you squeeze the most out of your limited budget – and when should you turn your attention to next year's machine.

Start a new game as Ferrari's head honcho and you'll see that the challenge is completely different. It's not about managing your budget and the time of your engineers, but making sure you can harness the sheer resources at your disposal to beat your rivals.

At any team, seeing your upgrades work and your cleverly calculated strategy pay off is immensely rewarding.

F1 Manager 2022 is a thoroughly absorbing title that embraces the best bits of management and tycoon games. It's a fully realised Formula 1 playground with an impressive amount of depth and scope.


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