F1 TRACKS: Morat pick the tunes for us ahead of this weekend's Spanish Grand Prix


This week’s F1 Tracks takeover has just dropped, with Colombian band Morat providing the soundtrack for this week’s Spanish Grand Prix, the sixth race of the 2022 season.

The musicians from Bogota – who are releasing their new song Paris featuring Duki today – have chosen an array of tracks featuring some of their own best songs, along with music from bands like The Beatles and Imagine Dragons, and talented solo artists like The Weeknd, Rosalia and many more.

Click here to listen to the full playlist – and continue reading for the exclusive Q&A with Morat.

What's the best thing about F1?
Oh there’s tons of incredible things regarding F1. On one hand, we love the fact that F1 might be the sport most closely related to scientific and technological developments when it comes to the pursuit of the best car. This not only shows an incredible team work between the pilot and the rest of the team but also evens out the competition among the different teams.

The strategy behind every single race makes the adrenaline pump as high as it gets, not only for the team but also for the audience as well. F1 is definitely one of the most competitive championships among all sports and that’s amazing.

Any similarities between the buzz of F1 and the buzz of live music?
Definitely! Just as a pilot relies on his team, we count on our team in every single concert and the adrenaline is also crazy when it comes to live music. In the end, sports and music are probably two of the most moving things in the world and passion and dedication runs though the drivers and musicians' blood.

Also a less obvious similarity is the fact that cars and instruments are both objects that are meant to be used. Just as a guitar gets out of tune if no one plays it, a car gets rusty if no one drives it. Not all objects share this particular trait put it seems as if cars and guitars were meant to be used, as if they had a soul. That is pretty amazing too.

Favourite driver?
All-time favorite driver? Obviously we would have to say Juan Pablo Montoya. This season? The band is divided: some root for Checo Perez and some for Carlos Sainz.

Juan Pablo Montoya (COL) Williams BMW FW26 gets sideways.
Formula One World Championship, Rd18,

Unsurprisingly, the Colombian band pick Juan Pablo Montoya as their all-time favourite driver

Favourite team?
Right now? Red Bull. They are doing everything right.

Favourite F1 circuit? Trick question, the atmosphere behind tracks like Monaco will always be very special but as viewers, we’ll choose Abu Dhabi given last year’s historic race.

If you could pick one of your songs to be the new theme tune for F1, which would it be and why?
Certainly we would pick our latest single Paris. We believe it is a very fresh and energetic song that goes perfectly with the excitement of F1.

What are your favourite memories from following Formula 1?
When we were growing up, we all used to stay up late watching the TV waiting for a race to start in places far away. For some of us, watching 2am F1 races was a very special father and son moment.

Which F1 driver do you think would make the best music artist and why?
Lewis Hamilton – he has such a cool vibe.

If you could go to a gig with three people dead or alive, who would they be and what band or artist would you go and see?
We’d love to bring back to life John Lennon and George Harrison and go and see The Beatles play. We would probably take our families because important moments are worth sharing with our loved ones.

Tell us about your latest single Paris – which is out today!
Paris is a song about that moment in a relationship when you have to look after yourself and confront the other person when you realise he or she is not good for you. We put a lot of effort in making this song a gender-less song in Spanish. We believe it is not that common and that definitely is something worth mentioning.

Also, we are very excited because we believe it is a completely different sound compared to our previous work. We invited Duki to join us and this crazy experiment turned out as refreshing and powerful as we expected.



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