F1 unveils new Hybrid graphic as part of 100% sustainably-fuelled engine push


Formula 1 has unveiled a new Hybrid graphic backing up the championship's efforts to produce a 100% sustainably-fuelled hybrid engine in 2025.

In 2025, F1 aims to unveil the new Formula 1 engine – the second-generation hybrid power unit – which will be carbon neutral and powered by a drop-in advanced sustainable fuel.

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Talks with fuel companies, to make this fuel in volumes required by the sport but also the wider world, are in advanced stages. This work will have a global impact – an additional path alongside electrification that could have a far bigger and beneficial impact for the environment.

100% sustainable fuels reduce the environmental impact of all new and existing ICE based road-cars globally (of which there are estimated to be 1.4bn on the road by 2030, only 8% of which are estimated to be purely electric) – and also have a potential impact on some of the largest emitting sectors of heavy road transport, shipping, and aviation.

F1's fuel of the future

The current F1 hybrid power unit is the most efficient in the world, delivering more power using less fuel, and therefore CO2, than any other car. The technology that already exists in F1 alongside a sustainable fuel model has the potential to be a game-changing moment.

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F1 can continue to be a leader for the auto industry and work with the energy and automotive sector to deliver the world’s first net-zero-carbon hybrid internal combustion engine that hugely reduces carbon emissions around the world.

Look out for the new logo during the 2021 Sao Paulo Grand Prix and Sprint and beyond.


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