GALLERY: How the 2017 Mercedes compares to last year's car


The wraps came off Mercedes’ eagerly-anticipated new car on Thursday. The revised 2017 regulations meant some changes were expected - wider tyres, swept front wing etc - but just how different does the world champions' latest challenger look in relation to its predecessor?

From the front…

The lower, wider stance of the new W08 is immediately apparent. Mercedes’ development aside, the new rules on tyres and aerodynamics alone - click here for a video explanation - mean that the car will be significantly quicker than its 2016 counterpart – and it looks it, even at a standstill.


From the side…

The most obvious difference from this angle is the lower, more raked rear wing. Interestingly, however, Mercedes have not felt the need to accompany it with the sizeable ‘shark fin’ evident on the engine cover of the other 2017 cars launched so far.


And from above…

The longer nose and mandatory swept front wing are among the striking changes from this angle. Note also the incredibly tight bodywork packaging at the rear of the car, leaving a much larger area of the floor exposed, and the complex bargeboard arrangements ahead of the sidepods.



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