GOOD LAP vs GREAT LAP: Ride onboard with Max Verstappen to see how to nail a lap of Baku


The enigmatic Baku City Circuit features not just the longest straight in Formula 1, but also the narrowest corner. For this reason, it's a tough task learning the ropes of Azerbaijan's Grand Prix venue, and an even tougher task mastering it.

But who better to learn from than current championship leader and Monaco GP winner Max Verstappen? In this track guide, the Dutchman's good Q2 lap and his great Q3 lap from 2019 are put side-by-side.

Commentator and racer Alex Brundle then compares the two laps with his expert eye to find out how the Red Bull driver extracted the maximum out of his car in F1's last visit to Baku.

Watch the video in the player above.

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