GRILL THE GRID: The drivers put their geography skills to the test as we crown our 2023 winner


Grill The Grid is back – and on the final episode of the 2023 series, the drivers' geography skills are put to the test, as they must put the famous landmark next to the city or country where it is located.

From Baku to Sydney, from Barcelona to Mexico, and with 90 seconds on the clock, the drivers must put 11 iconic landmarks in the right spot on the map. Easy right?

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Well for some, like Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen, it sure is. But for others, this final task is a little bit more challenging…

Hit go on the video player above to watch the drivers try their best in this latest instalment of Grill The Grid – and stay till the end to see who is crowned the 2023 Grill The Grid champion.

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