ICYMI: Behind the scenes in Abu Dhabi


You can't be watching social media all the time, so let us help you catch up on some moments you may have missed over the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix weekend...

Blink and you miss it

First practice in Abu Dhabi saw Lewis Hamilton run the Number 1 on his car, as is his right as world champion. But an iffy performance saw him immediately revert back to his tried and trusted 44.

A touching tribute

The 2019 season started with the terribly sad news of the passing of long-time FIA Race Director, Charlie Whiting. It ended with plenty of tributes to show that the F1 stalwart is gone, but not forgotton. And of course, it wouldn't be Formula 1 without a touch of competitiveness in there.

The ultimate green track...

Think it's hard to drive an F1 car on a green track when grip is at a premium? Try picking out a racing line amongst the desert dunes!

Swapping four wheels for four legs

As transport options go, this doesn't quite have the same G-force as an F1 car - but it can be just as difficult to handle...

A fond farewell

When Lando Norris found out his performance engineer was leaving, he couldn't work out the perfect present. An engraved watch? A set of cufflinks? Or perhaps Jarv's face emblazoned on his helmet?

Under pressure

The Haas drivers stepped into their pit crews' shoes to discover just what it takes to change a set of tyres at speed. Don't give up the day job lads.

Who, me?

Double trouble in the paddock this weekend, when former Haas and Sauber racer, Mr Gutierrez, caught up with 2020 Renault race driver, Mr Ocon.

Pressing matters

Whether it is recording his own album, designing a clothing line or ensuring there are no creases in his work shirt, Lewis Hamilton is a man of many talents.

Famous feet

A couple of footballing legends were at Racing Point to get up close and personal with a completely different kind of sport - although diving down the inside can often feature in both...

Say cheese

This was definitely a #nofilter selfie from the world champion, as he celebrated grabbing pole the 21st century way.

Try to stay cool...

You've headlined huge concerts and had number-one hit records, but you can't really say you've arrived until you've been for an F1 Pirelli Hot Lap.

This shirt belongs to...

Remember in school when you had to have your name on everything, even your gym socks? Turns out, not much has changed...

End-of-term jinks

Last race of the year? Time to do something embarrassing - and then hope your colleagues will have forgotten it by next season.

Hair's to you Hulk

Renault wanted to bid Nico Hulkenberg farewell in style. That word 'style' might be pushing it, but they certainly raised a laugh from the departing German, if not his hair dresser.



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