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Lights, camera… F1: The inside story of the first time Hollywood took on Formula 1

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Matt Youson
A British poster for John Frankenheimer's 1966 motor racing film 'Grand Prix', starring James

The filming of the Brad Pitt/Apple F1 movie alongside recent races has been an exciting and unusual addition to life in the paddock – but the sport has been here before, all the way back in 1966…

Novelty soon wears off in the Formula 1 paddock. At Silverstone, the APX Grand Prix garage was quite the draw. The production team were engaged in their first trackside filming weekend and, at some point, most people found an excuse to wander down the pit-lane to surreptitiously glance inside. When the garage returned in Budapest, however, nobody really noticed it was there. APX Grand Prix were simply part of the furniture. No doubt this thrills the movie’s producers.


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