Mercedes' rear suspension movement is the hot topic at COTA – the Tech Talk team explain what it’s all about


Mercedes have made headlines in recent races with their rear suspension, and how it appears to move under high speed. Craig Scarborough and Sam Collins explain the development, and its effect, in the latest F1 Tech Talk video above.

The Silver Arrows have shown an improvement in straight line speed lately and one of the theories as to why centres around their rear suspension, which seems to be moving in a "non-linear" way down the straights – as was very clear in Turkey.

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But why does this give Mercedes an advantage? And is this a feature unique to the W12 or does every car on the grid do this to some extent?

Our technical experts explain all, with Sam and Craig discussing the engineering behind it in this clip from the US GP edition of Tech Talk, which is available in full to F1 TV subscribers. Watch the clip in the video above.

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