MUST-SEE: Formula 1's first-ever onboard camera compared to Alonso's visor cam, side-by-side


Fernando Alonso's helmet-cam footage from Spa-Francorchamps captivated viewers around the world – but how does it compare when put side-by-side with the first-ever live onboard footage from an F1 race?

We take a trip back in time to the 1985 German Grand Prix to find out, riding on board with Renault's Francois Hesnault – who made a cameo in the 1985 German Grand Prix in a third car just to test the prototype camera.

Fast-forward to the 2021 Belgian Grand Prix and we've been treated to a driver's eye view courtesy of Alpine's Fernando Alonso, putting us as close to the F1 cockpit as possible.

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Unfortunately for Hesnault, the 1985 German Grand Prix was his last-ever F1 appearance and ended after just eight laps with a clutch problem, but the experimental camera lived on and has evolved into something even greater.

Watch side-by-side comparisons of Formula 1’s first-ever live onboard and helmet cameras above.



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