RACE START: Red-flag drama in Monaco as Sainz and Piastri bang wheels, Perez and the Haas drivers come to blows and the Alpines collide


It was a hugely dramatic start to Sunday’s Monaco Grand Prix, with the red flags being flown after a matter of seconds due to multiple incidents at the front and rear of the field.

While pole-sitter Charles Leclerc made it cleanly off the line and through Sainte Devote, it was at the first corner that Oscar Piastri and Carlos Sainz went side-by-side and banged wheels.

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Sainz was left with a front-left puncture after rubbing against Piastri’s floor, meaning he slid to a halt exiting Massenet, just as another multi-car accident unfolded on the run up Beau Rivage.

Attempting to make a move on Sergio Perez, Kevin Magnussen tagged the rear of the Red Bull, sending both of them into the wall at high speed, and also leaving the other Haas of Nico Hulkenberg with nowhere to go.

Replays then showed yet more drama as Esteban Ocon attempted to force his way past Alpine team mate Pierre Gasly at Portier, with the former briefly going airborne and the latter expressing his fury at the lunge over the radio.

Given that debris had been littered all over the track and barriers were in need of repair, Race Control issued a red flag and brought the remaining cars back to the pits, where they will be free to make a tyre change.

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