'I think it will look cool' – Verstappen offers his take on Hamilton's blockbuster Ferrari switch

AUSTIN, TEXAS - OCTOBER 21: Sprint winner Max Verstappen of the Netherlands and Oracle Red Bull

Red Bull drivers Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez have both offered their views on the major off-season news that Lewis Hamilton is set to become a Ferrari driver in 2025. The pair were gathered for the launch of the RB20, with both having different takes on the shock decision from the Mercedes man.

Verstappen has gone head to head with Hamilton across multiple seasons – and has also had plenty of battles with the Ferraris recently – but, with the Dutchman locked into a long-term contract at Red Bull, he remains an interested observer on the driver market, and the blockbuster Hamilton move.

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The three-time world champion said: “At the end of the day, if someone wants to drive for Ferrari, especially someone like Lewis who has already achieved so much, if that’s his dream and goal... Again, we don’t know the talks they’ve had, at Mercedes, at Ferrari, what has been promised, what they think is coming.

“You can’t give an honest assessment from our side as to why you make that decision. You know, if he is happy with that move, I think it will look cool and of course I hope for them it will be a success but you don’t know.”

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Verstappen will be an interested spectator when Hamilton moves to Ferrari for 2025

Any success Hamilton might experience at Ferrari would come with a direct impact on Verstappen’s own results, but the Dutchman still cut his usual relaxed figure at the launch of his new car.

Having watched his team comprehensively beat both Mercedes and Ferrari last year, he will undoubtedly remain confident about his chances in 2024 – and he also didn’t fully close the door on ever switching to the Scuderia himself later down the line.

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“I don’t want to sound, like, disrespectful or whatever because I have a lot of respect for the brand Ferrari, but I’m happy where I’m at,” he added.

“I’m comfortable in the environment I’m in so it’s not something I’m looking to change or whatever but again, in my life, you always want to experience so never say never but, for me now, it’s not even in my head.”


Verstappen says he is content with where he is following the launch of Red Bull's new car, the RB20

Verstappen's Red Bull team mate Perez had a slightly different take on proceedings – and given he could potentially be part of the driver market moves in 2025, he was very circumspect in his assessment of what he called the “interesting” news.

“I think the dynamics will be interesting to watch from the outside,” said the Mexican. “We have a driver that is moving teams, we don’t know how jealous the teams are about sharing information, obviously Lewis has been many years there and will be taking a lot of knowledge to another team so that will be some interesting dynamics to watch from the outside.

“I’m sure most of the drivers will be willing to get things done much earlier [in the driver market] in the year, but from my side I’m just focused on having a great year, I’m not really bothered about it.”

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