SAY WHAT?! Godzilla returns, Red Bull turn the airwaves blue and traffic chaos – the best team radio from Singapore


The rain might have kept away, but that didn't stop Singapore delivering an incredibly dramatic race weekend that saw Red Bull's winning run ended in emphatic fashion. Both Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez struggled from the get go, as their race radio attested – and they weren't the only ones with cause to complain over the airwaves...

Traffic caused frustration for everyone in practice, with Yuki Tsunoda one of the most vocal, and his weekend didn't improve from there when he felt he was baulked in qualifying as well.

Luckily, Friday saw some more light hearted banter concerning Godzilla, as not one, not two but three lizards made a cameo in practice. But aside from that, the drivers were anything but amused with Red Bull not the only team to struggle with car set up.

HIGHLIGHTS: Watch the best of the action as Sainz wins in Singapore and Russell crashes on the final lap

Roll on the race, and Carlos Sainz was left overjoyed after winning his second ever race, Lando Norris was equally thrilled with second but George Russell's agony at a last lap crash was as painful to hear as it must have been to say.

For all of those and more, hit play on the video above to listen to the best team radio from Singapore.



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