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Sunday's Formula 1 Gran Premio de Espana Pirelli 2017 was full of action on track, but there was also plenty going on behind the scenes in the build-up to the race weekend. Here's our round-up of just a few of the highlights...

Gone fishing

There are few better ways to unwind between races than an afternoon spent with a rod, a line and your kid brother for company. Just ask Haas's Kevin Magnussen...

Sticking with it

__One of the first skills you learn as an F1 driver? Always expect the unexpected... __

Toro Rosso's team mate taste-off

At which race do you most want to beat your team mate? At your home race, of course. And based on the below, Carlos Sainz's Spanish weekend got off to a strong - if slightly raw - start...

Alonso's cubist phase

Thought solving one Rubik's Cube was hard? How about turning dozens of them into a portrait of Spain's double F1 world champion?

"It doesn't smell like Max"

The ever-helpful Daniel Ricciardo talks us through the F1 driver's race attire - including why it's vital to put your name on things. It's like being back at school!

The Scuderia's musical remedy

We're not sure what the ailment was, but Ferrari found The Cure in Spain - at least one of them.

Yes, they look young...

Haas's two F1 development drivers were both in Barcelona, including the newly-signed Arjun Maini, who celebrated by scoring his maiden GP3 win over the Spanish weekend.

...but not this young

Thursday evening saw this group of budding karters not only get to drive the famed Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, but also meet some of their F1 heroes.

A huge gracias

On Friday evening the F1 drivers turned out in force again, this time to thank the marshals, race officials, medical staff and others who dedicate their time to make motor sport possible, not just in Spain but around the world.

New balls please

When his McLaren met an early demise in Friday's opening practice session, Fernando Alonso used his downtime to play a bit of tennis. It apparently soothed his state of mind - he went on to qualify a season-best seventh.

Green with envy

The caricature artist in the Barcelona paddock won many admirers with his humorous portraits of the current F1 drivers. We'll let you judge for yourself what 'The Hulk' made of his likeness.

That's what I'm talking about!

There were some unusual new attractions in the F1 Fan Zone in Spain, including this unikely F1 impressionist.

Spain's sitcom stars

You may remember them best as Dr Frasier Crane and Malcolm in the Middle, but US actors Kelsey Grammer and Frankie Muniz are also both big race fans.

Honeybadger love

Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo was clearly a fan of his Barcelona paddock portrait.

Heart on sleeve

It seems there was more than one artist in Barcelona - and some very passionate Alonso supporters. We are sure that Fernando would approve.

Mum's the word - Part 1

Race day in Spain was also Mother's Day in many parts of the world - Valtteri Bottas was lucky enough to have his Mum with him in Barcelona.

Street-track trickery

Fernando Alonso's caricature featured the McLaren star magically producing not a rabbit from a hat, but his impromptu Monaco Grand Prix replacement Jenson Button.

__Dressed for the occasion __

Even if you don't know what the occasion is, you have to agree that they certainly made the effort...

Mum's the word - Part 2

Red Bull's Max Verstappen was another to score brownie points by remembering to mention a certain lady...

It takes two

A handful of lucky passengers got to enjoy the F1 Experiences 2-seater race car in Spain, piloted by ex-Formula 1 drivers Zsolt Baumgartner and Patrick Friesacher. Among them was this famous face.

Alonso hams it up

We're familiar with 'hammer time' in F1 racing, but 'ham time'? Well, that's what Fernando Alonso got in return when he handed out caps to the Spanish fans ahead of Sunday's race.

Where did you get that hat?

How to guarantee yourself an interview with Lewis Hamilton? Simple: stick an even cuddlier version of his canine friend Roscoe on your head. German F1 presenter Kai Ebel is renowned for his interesting dress sense, but this surely takes the (dog) biscuit.

Behind every great man...

...there has to be a great woman, goes the saying - one not lost on Toro Rosso's Daniil Kvyat.

Bonus drivers

We've all seen the footage of young Ferrari fan Thomas Danel getting to meet his hero Kimi Raikkonen following his distraught reaction to the Finn's premature race exit, but the Scuderia weren't the only team sharing the love.

Leaving straightaway?

Home race done, Fernando Alonso boards the plane headed for his first official Indianapolis 500 practice session.

Thanks son!

Talk about rock and a hard place? Massa junior takes the tactful route when he's asked to play 'Dad versus neighbour'.


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