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STRATEGY GUIDE: What are the possible race strategies for the 2023 Azerbaijan Grand Prix?

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Chris Medland
BAKU, AZERBAIJAN - APRIL 29: Lando Norris of Great Britain driving the (4) McLaren MCL60 Mercedes

After the new Sprint format played out over the first two days of the weekend it’s time for the Grand Prix as normal on Sunday, but with much less certainty when it comes to strategy, thanks to just one practice session. So here are some of the options that should be available to the teams on race day in Baku…

What’s the quickest strategy?

Before answering that question, it’s important to point out that this is the race with the least certainty when it comes to strategy so far this season. That’s not to say teams will not have a clear idea about what they think is the best strategy for them to go for, but a lack of representative data means there are more unknowns than usual.

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