TECH TALK: Explaining the new 2026 F1 regulations and what they could mean for car design


With the FIA having recently unveiled the new set of F1 regulations for 2026 onwards, a number of changes will come into force for the next generation of cars. But what impact will this have on the design?

In a special edition of Tech Talk for F1 TV, technical expert Sam Collins is on hand to talk us through the upcoming regulations, ranging from the impact of a reduction in size and weight of the cars through to the key aerodynamic developments.

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Collins also looks at how a new system will aim to increase overtaking opportunities and promote closer racing, before discussing safety improvements from stronger structures and how these innovations have avoided adding further weight to the cars.

Another key topic is the new power units coming into effect in 2026, with the redesigned units using 100 per cent sustainable fuels. Collins also explains why the cars may eventually look quite different to the current render.

Hit go on the video player above to join Collins for a breakdown of the 2026 regulations.


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