The Top 10 celebrity cameos of 2017


From world-famous actors to former Presidents, supermodels to singers, a veritable who's who of celebrities embraced F1 in 2017. So without further ado, we present 10 of our favourite celeb-tastic moments of the year, starting with an unforgettable podium ceremony in Canada...

Patrick Stewart does the ‘Shoey’ in Canada

When Daniel Ricciardo, proud originator of F1’s most questionable post-race celebration, jokingly asked Sir Patrick Stewart if he’d like to sip some bubbly from his race boot on the Montreal podium, the Red Bull driver was no doubt expecting the actor - and guest podium interviewer - to politely decline. In the end, not only did the X-Men star take the Aussie up on the offer, he downed it with gusto! Just call him Sir Patrick Shoe-art!

Owen Wilson gives Hamilton a grilling at Silverstone

As alter ego Lightning McQueen, Owen Wilson – star of Disney’s Cars franchise – is no stranger to success on the race track. But the Hollywood A-lister had never been on an F1 podium until Silverstone, when he had the privilege of interviewing race winner (and former Cars voice actor!) Lewis Hamilton. By the sounds of it, the Brit was clearly keen to reprise his role!

Game of Thrones stars ‘slayed’ by 2-seater experience in Italy

As Jon Snow and Davos Seaworth, Game of Thrones stars Kit Harrington and Liam Cunningworth are used to fearlessly pitting their wits against their enemies in the fantasy world of the Seven Kingdoms. But nothing could prepare the duo for the harsh realities and visceral thrills of a high-speed passenger ride in a two-seater F1 car around the sport’s fastest track: Monza. As Harrington said, “That’s the most fun I’ve had…”

Nicole Kidman meets Seb and Kimi in Australia

As Ferrari drivers, Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen are used to welcoming famous faces into their garage. But is it just us, or did The Iceman look a little more bashful than usual after sharing small talk with Academy Award-winning actress Nicole Kidman in Melbourne?

Lewis Hamilton shows Usain Bolt a new meaning of speed in the USA

Sprint king Usain Bolt has redefined what speed means to human beings, collecting world records and Olympic titles as he’s run faster than anyone in history. But the Jamaican sporting icon’s sense of speed was severely tested at the Circuit of The America’s in October when he climbed into a Mercedes alongside Lewis Hamilton for a rather sideways passenger ride…

George Lucas brings Star Wars to Monaco

F1 fans might have noticed a disturbance in the force back in May as legendary director George Lucas took time out of overseeing Star Wars: The Last Jedi to bring old pal R2D2 to Monaco for a promo stunt of galactic proportions. The tie-in, with Renault, was to mark 40 years since the launch of the French marque’s first F1 car and the release of the original Star Wars movie. Neither Nico Hulkenberg nor Jolyon Palmer were alive to witness either event, but both looked super cool in their limited edition race suits nonetheless…

Bill Clinton hands over the silverware in the USA

Lewis Hamilton may be popular stateside, but there are few people on the face of the Earth more recognisable than former US President Bill Clinton. So who better than the former White House resident to present the winner’s trophy to the Briton in Austin?

Mariah Carey tries out the Safety Car for size in Baku

Does five–time Grammy Award winner Mariah Carey fancy herself as a future Safety Car driver? The Fantasy singer was certainly keen to size up the cockpit in Baku, where she was on hand to perform after the race. Watch your back Bernd Maylander…

Naomi Campbell delivers the British Grand Prix trophy at F1 Live: London

F1 trialled a brand-new express delivery service during the spectacular F1 Live event in the heart of London in July. The delivery vehicle? F1’s two-seater. The driver? 2009 world champion, Jenson Button. The courier? Super model Naomi Campbell. Was it effective? Well, Damon Hill looked like a happy customer, didn’t he?

Celebrity chef vs Award-winning actor at Esports in Abu Dhabi

One makes world-class food for a living, the other acts in one of TV’s most popular shows – but who is the quicker driver: chef Gordon Ramsay or Game of Thrones' Liam Cunningham? With both on hand at the season finale in Abu Dhabi – where the first ever F1 Esports Grand Final was taking place – we had the perfect chance to settle the debate…



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