WATCH: A competitive spirit and technological innovations – What makes Adrian Newey so good?


Adrian Newey is arguably the greatest designer that Formula 1 has ever seen, but what makes him so good? Well, we left it to F1 TV’s Tech expert Sam Collins to explain what makes the Red Bull man the best in the business.

Newey is one of the most successful designers in the sport’s history having won 12 constructors’ titles with three different teams – Williams, McLaren, and now Red Bull – with seven different drivers having won the championship in one of his cars.

BEYOND THE GRID: Red Bull's legendary designer Adrian Newey on the secrets behind his immense success

And Collins starts by looking at Newey’s path to Formula 1, explaining how his rebellious side led to him being expelled at school, before he later joined the Fittapaldi Automotive team straight out of university.

He explains how his periods away from the sport have showed an inquisitive nature, and how that has helped fuel his success. Later, Collins also reveals a wilder side of Newey, telling a story of him doing donuts on Christian Horner’s lawn to celebrate one of Sebastian Vettel’s titles.

Lastly, Collins describes how Newey’s innovations have often pushed the boundaries of the regulations, and while he has achieved plenty of success by using technologies that others cannot, he has also had his fair share of failures.

Click on the video player above to watch Collins explain what makes Newey one of the greats.



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