WATCH: Comedian Troy Hawke surprises, amuses and confuses F1 teams in the paddock with his trademark greetings


Troy Hawke has made a name for himself in recent years by taking his ‘Greeters Guild’ persona all over the world, from shopping centres to football clubs – leaving those targeted in fits of laughter or, in some cases, downright confused...

With the comedian on tour in Australia, he hopped over to the Albert Park Circuit to welcome drivers, team bosses and other personalities as they walked through the gates, reeling off some hilarious trademark lines in the process.

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From telling George Russell that he “didn’t recognise you with your shirt on” to describing Pierre Gasly’s outfit choice as a “sartorial explosion of cream”, Hawke well and truly made an impression as the unofficial F1 paddock greeter.

He also left Toto Wolff wondering what had happened after hailing the Mercedes team boss as the “fever dream of choice for the discerning housewife”, before having a similar effect on Red Bull counterpart Christian Horner, who was told “you’re like Daniel Craig if he were a cricket umpire”.

Hit go in the video player above to watch Hawke in action in the F1 paddock...



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