WATCH: Pass masters – the best overtaking move from each Grand Prix in 2022


Great racing doesn't always mean lots of overtaking, but watching one driver hustle their way past another on track is always one of the most entertaining parts of a Grand Prix.

Sometimes it's a calculated move at the right moment, sometimes it's a case of one driver selling the one in front a dummy before darting through, and sometimes it's just about a driver behind having more pace and steaming past.

After each Grand Prix this year, you've been voting for the best overtaking move from the race to crown the Overtake King from each event. And now we've gathered together every single one of those daring moves into one video so you can enjoy all 22 passing manoeuvres in one overtaking-filled five minute shot.

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There's Lewis Hamilton's incredible double pass on Charles Leclerc and Sergio Perez at the British Grand Prix – sound-tracked by the roar of the Silverstone crowd – as well as a brilliant last hurrah from the retiring Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso showing he's lost none of his skills behind the wheel, and plenty more.

Hit play on the video above to watch them all...



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