WATCH: Red Bull break pit stop world record – again!


When Red Bull set a new fastest-ever pit stop time of 1.91s in the British Grand Prix recently, few imagined that just two weeks later they’d be lowering that benchmark even further. But that’s exactly what they did at Hockenheim on Sunday.

In a race that featured no less than 78 – yes, 78 – stops, the crew from Milton Keynes became the first to dip below the 1.9s mark, servicing Max Verstappen’s race-winning RB15 in a mind-boggling 1.88s.

Not only that, they also put Verstappen’s team mate Pierre Gasly third in the race’s top 10, the Frenchman stationary in the box for only 2.15s – and all this in largely damp conditions, amid the high-intensity pressure of one of the most unpredictable races in F1 history.

That double whammy means Red Bull further extend their lead in the standings for this year’s DHL Fastest Pit Stop Award, and now hold an advantage of 88 points over second-place Williams, the other team to break the two-second barrier on Sunday.



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