WATCH: Schumacher's rage and 'Multi 21' – 12 times drivers got heated in F1 history


F1 drivers are frequently the epitome of calm and collected as they pilot their incredible cars at colossal speed. But every now and again, that composure goes out of the window.

Here we travel back in time to revisit 12 moments when F1 drivers lost their cool, either with each other or even with their mechanics.

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Our list includes iconic incidents such as Michael Schumacher’s fuming reaction at the 1998 Belgian Grand Prix after colliding with David Coulthard, as well as Nelson Piquet’s own display of rage after he was shunted by Eliseo Salazar at the 1982 German Grand Prix.

We also look back at the famous 'Multi 21' incident between Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel – an order the German driver dramatically ignored.

Click play on the video above to look back at our list of 12 moments where F1 drivers got heated.



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