WATCH: The inside of story of how a ‘regenerated’ Raikkonen made his surprise return to F1


Kimi Raikkonen is potentially remembered as much for his off-track persona as his on-track achievements during his Formula 1 career, but it was perhaps a combination of the two that resulted in his impressive comeback story.

A new documentary on F1 TVGreatest Comebacks: Kimi Raikkonen – tells the story of the Finn’s surprise return to the sport in 2012, with those who were there giving an insight into the highs and lows of the journey.

It starts with looking at Raikkonen’s beginnings in F1, from his debut with Sauber after only 23 single-seater races through to the ultimate disappointment of his five-year spell with McLaren.

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After winning the world championship with Ferrari in 2007, Raikkonen’s former performance coach Mark Arnall reveals the quality that helped the Finn to cope with the “completely different” pressure of racing for the Scuderia, while broadcaster Ben Edwards explains what may have eventually led to the breakdown of Raikkonen’s relationship with the team at the end of 2009.

Formula 1 Greatest Comebacks: Trailer

Arnall reflects on what Raikkonen missed about Formula 1 during his subsequent two-year spell in rallying and why he seemed “regenerated” upon his return with Lotus in 2012. Lotus team members, including Eric Boullier and Romain Grosjean, reveal what it was like to work with Raikkonen and assess what his main motivation was.

The documentary shares the story of Raikkonen’s increasingly impressive performances with Lotus throughout 2012, before the Finn claimed his first win for the team in Abu Dhabi. Boullier reveals what made the occasion so special, as well as giving his view on Raikkonen’s famous radio message during the race.

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Alongside this, those who worked with Raikkonen shed light on why his at times “unapproachable” persona hid a different side to his character.

To enjoy the story of Raikkonen’s return, watch Greatest Comebacks: Kimi Raikkonen on F1 TV by clicking here. You can also find every episode of the series so far by clicking here.



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