WATCH: Top 10 moments of Safety Car chaos


"Safety Car! Safety Car!" When the commentator utters those words (almost always twice in quick succession), you know there is drama unfolding on the track.

Whether there's been a crash and the field needs to slow down for marshals or because weather has made the circuit virtually undrivable, the deployment of the Safety Car means that the race is paused and the drivers need to follow it until the track is clear.

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But the arrival of Safety Car driver Bernd Maylander doesn't always mean all is calm.

Sometimes conditions can catch out even the best drivers, and crashing into the barriers – or into a rival – when driving at low speed in the dry is not unheard of.

Watch the video above to see the best moments of Safety Car chaos, featuring Michael Schumacher, Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton and plenty more...

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