What to expect from Formula 1’s new race weekend format in 2022


Formula 1 race weekends will look a little different from 2022 onwards, following a tweak to the schedule. Ahead of the season opener, we lay out how things have changed for this year…

Thursday is no longer media day

Traditionally, teams would have most of their staff at track from first thing on Thursday morning, with media duties taking up a large part of the day.

However the pre-race driver press conference, which last year saw all 20 drivers speak in pairs over a four-hour period, has been moved to Friday morning.

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Thursday will now see a later start, allowing some to fly in that morning for European events rather than Wednesday.

A 3.5-hour window has been marked out for team track walks, while the FIA will carry out their systems checks and track inspections while teams will complete their engineering meetings.

BAHRAIN, BAHRAIN - MARCH 10: Nicholas Latifi of Canada and Williams, Yuki Tsunoda of Japan and

The teams media duties have been moved from Thursday to Friday

Media moves to Friday

The drivers’ press conference will now open Friday. It’ll run over two hours and must finish 90 minutes before first practice.

That session, as with all free practice sessions, will last one hour – but will take place later than it has previously.

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Second practice will follow two hours after the conclusion of FP1, with the drivers briefing remaining in place 90 minutes after the chequered flag falls for FP2.

Team bosses speak on Saturday

The Team Principals’ press conference – which has previously slotted in on Friday between practice sessions – moves to Saturday, 1.5 hours before FP3.

Final practice continues to be the first F1 track action on Saturday, with qualifying following a couple of hours later.


Saturday now begins with the team bosses speaking, before FP3 and qualifying

Sunday is unchanged

The highlight of the weekend – the Grand Prix – remains the showpiece event on Sunday, with its exact time depending on race location and time zones.

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The drivers’ parade – where all 20 jump on a low-loader truck or take a seat in a classic car to lap the circuit while being interviewed – remains, and will be two hours before the lights go out.


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