Williams reveal imagery of 2017 car


Williams have become the first team to release pictures of their 2017 car, showing how the new regulations have dramatically impacted the look of Formula One machines for the coming season.

Images of the team’s Mercedes-powered FW40 - named to mark Williams’ 40th anniversary - clearly illustrate the wider and lower characteristics of the new cars.

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Williams FW40 Unveil, Friday 17th February 2017, © WilliamsF1

The 2017 regulation changes have been designed to boost downforce and grip, making cars both faster and physically harder to drive, with a reduction in lap time of around 3 to 5 seconds expected.

At the wheel of the FW40 will be Felipe Massa, who rejoined Williams following his brief retirement after Valtteri Bottas left for Mercedes, and Canadian rookie Lance Stroll.

Williams hope the new car will help lift them back up the grid after they dropped from third in 2015's final constructor standings to fifth place last season.



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