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Kimi Räikkönen (Ferrari)
6 Fastest Laps

Every Formula 1 driver is fast, but is the race winner really the fastest? Since 2007 DHL has defined a new standard of speed with the 'DHL Fastest Lap Award'. One driver sets the fastest lap at each race - the award will go to the man who sets the most over the season. To win will require pure speed - something DHL, as the world's leading logistics provider and Official Logistics Partner of Formula 1, uses to achieve its goals, shortening international routes, facilitating global trade and making the world a smaller place.

Grand Prix Driver Car Time
Australia Kimi Räikkönen RAI Ferrari 1:25.235
Malaysia Lewis Hamilton HAM McLaren Mercedes 1:36.701
Bahrain Felipe Massa MAS Ferrari 1:34.067
Spain Felipe Massa MAS Ferrari 1:22.680
Monaco Fernando Alonso ALO McLaren Mercedes 1:15.284
Canada Fernando Alonso ALO McLaren Mercedes 1:16.367
United States Kimi Räikkönen RAI Ferrari 1:13.117
France Felipe Massa MAS Ferrari 1:16.099
Great Britain Kimi Räikkönen RAI Ferrari 1:20.638
Europe Felipe Massa MAS Ferrari 1:32.853
Hungary Kimi Räikkönen RAI Ferrari 1:20.047
Turkey Kimi Räikkönen RAI Ferrari 1:27.295
Italy Fernando Alonso ALO McLaren Mercedes 1:22.871
Belgium Felipe Massa MAS Ferrari 1:48.036
Japan Lewis Hamilton HAM McLaren Mercedes 1:28.193
China Felipe Massa MAS Ferrari 1:37.454
Brazil Kimi Räikkönen RAI Ferrari 1:12.445