Car livery and driver numbers

What the sporting regulations say:

  •  Teams must run their two cars with essentially the same race livery throughout the season and must seek prior approval for any major changes.
  • The team’s name or emblem must appear on the nose of the car.

  •  In addition, every car must carry its driver’s race number, which the driver selects by ballot. The driver numbers are permanent and will be used throughout each driver’s career with the exception of the world champion, who will be given the option to use number one the following season.

  • The driver’s name must also appear on the external bodywork of the car.
  • To help distinguish between a team’s two cars, the onboard cameras which sit on top of the main rollover structure are coloured differently. On the first car it must remain as it is supplied to the team (black) and on the second car it must be predominantly fluorescent yellow.

Read the full sporting regulations here