Television cameras and timing transponders

What the technical regulations say:

  • Throughout a Grand Prix weekend all cars must be fitted with at least five on-board cameras or on-board camera housings.  
  • The five carefully defined camera/camera housing locations are: the wing mirrors, the sides of the nose, the sides of engine cover, the top of the air box, and the top of the chassis in front of the cockpit.

  • A camera must always be mounted on top of the air box above the driver’s head must always contain a camera. A camera or camera housing must be fitted at the other four locations, depending on broadcast decisions.

  • In addition to cameras, all cars must also be fitted with two timing transponders supplied by the officially appointed timekeepers. These transponders, which are fitted beside the cokpit and in the front of the chassis, allow the timekeepers to record every lap time of every car throughout the weekend.

  • It is the responsibility of the teams to ensure that the transponders are in working order at all times.