This week's Beyond The Grid podcast remembers Gilles Villeneuve, 40 years on from his death – with a number of special guests looking back at the great French Canadian's career.

    Mario Andretti, 1978 world champion, speaks about why Villeneuve was so quick and why Enzo Ferrari loved the man who gave "110 percent" every weekend.

    Andretti is also joined by Jody Scheckter – 1979 champion and Villeneuve's team mate – who looks back fondly on the "daredevil" of F1.

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    Rene Arnoux, whose wheel-to-wheel battle with Villeneuve in the 1979 French Grand Prix is the stuff of F1 legend, joins too. The Frenchman reminisces about a driver who was not only one of his greatest rivals – but one of his greatest friends.

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    The drivers are joined by Jonathan Giacobazzi, whose family sponsored Villeneuve. Giacobazzi looks back at the great driver – and looks ahead to the future of Ferrari.

    Listen to the latest episode of Beyond The Grid in the player above or catch it on your favourite platform via this link.